toothpik's vim page

This is not a site on what vim is, or how to use it - if you find yourself here with either
of those things in mind, go to the vim homepage.

This page is more about how to have fun with vim than anything, or at least how I have fun
with it.

It's also about how to have fun with python and tcl and perl

...and bash, awk, grep, sed, and all the rest.

Here's my .vimrc, as it existed at at least one point in time

This is the bash script I call cabv I use to save vimrc in my .vim/save path with a date
appended to its name

While we're on the subject of scripts that push to github (cabv does that to upload .vimrc)
would be a good time to mention cfd which uses filestocheck as a driver to check
for differences between what's on my harddrive and what's been uploaded to github.

feline section

me and my favorite coding companion

konsole section

I've become a huge fan of konsole over the years, using it for almost everything - with
a selection of directory changing aliases in my .bashrc I can navigate faster than I can
with the mouse in dolphin - when I first start konsole (using sk) I run mxm, which makes
"x" more konsole tabs, or 10 without an argument - I don't show the tab labels, I don't
use a mouse in konsole, and it is so gloriously easy to switch between tabs with shift-left
and shift-right there's no need for mouse clickable space wasting decorations - with the
sequential titles created by mxm I know exactly where I am at all times.

konsole one
On my seccond desktop I keep my main konsole with 10 tabs. I like to display the local
weather forecast in konsole one with ccw which uses php to get the data and parseweather
to parse it. This is a fun script to maintain because the web page seems to change format
every other week.

konsole two
here I run tc6 - tc6 calls tc4, which calls tcnlc3, which invokes bcdit and trimc on tocal
resulting in an extract from my calendar being output to the command line with current date
boxed and positioned on the same row as current date in the cal window

konsole three
in my third konsole I run 3, my countdown reminder module - some of the scripts triggered
by 3 include:

     cct - combines bin/ct0, tcl/ct0, and incend.awk to produce the list
     ct0 - uses realstuff to cat the dates into nl
     ct_list - the list
     realstuff - generic "realstuff" text extractor - allows history to be kept by moving
          expired items below "endrealstuff"
     tcl/ct0 - calls jctd to obtain the counts
     jctd - generic day counter
     incend.awk - verifies the dates are in ascending order

frequently I will use jatc to calculate a date needed for ct_list

a recent run of ccct looked like this

konsole four
konsole four is for budgeting - here I track my checking account, reconcile, and project
into the future - over the years I've used a variety of spreadsheets to store this data,
and have repeatedly been frustrated by upgrades to the software making my older data
difficult to get to - the answer I've come to embrace is ascii text - I cannot imagine a
time when text is unreadable - ok, yes, I can if I stray into disaster science fiction,
but if we get to that point we won't have banks and checking accounts anyway - whether
the scripting language that reads it evolves is irrelevant - the data is the important
thing, and text is the most universally readable format available

by formatting the data in specific columns I enable a variety of languages easy access
to it - the FIELDWIDTHS feature of awk springs to mind, but every language I know can
parse lines of a known format

copying my last spreadsheet I built what I refer to as the "plan" modules as having this

I have defined fiscal months as starting on the 23rd of the preceding month and ending
on the 22nd - that way there's a full week of lead time for transactions targeted for the
1st, and the month starts off clean with the first transactions first - that's my take on
it, it's my system, so I get to decide

the script I use the most for displaying it is m

m uses a variable combination of mYY modules to display the relevant portion of my account,
for example:
    { m12 8; m12 9; } | head -31
will display august and most of september for 2012 - m starts by running the entire year
(m12) through funclear.awk in order to determine whether the first unclear transaction
occurs in the same or the previous fiscal month - with this information it can design
the most relevant display using two of

- plan1.sed - plan2.sed - plan3.sed - plan4.sed - plan5.sed - plan6.sed
- plan7.sed - plan8.sed - plan9.sed - plan10.sed - plan11.sed - plan12.sed

I edit the plan modules by invoking vp or gp, which sources plan.vim as it calls up the
module - any of,, or may be invoked by different <Leader>
mappings defined in plan.vim

when it's time, I make the next year's plan using plannew, a bash script that combines a
tcl core, two python scripts, and five perl scripts, most of which are tailored to my
specific needs, with the exception of plandsh which puts a line of dashes between months
at the end of the series - driving all this is the plan_core which is described in the
plan_readme - of note is the last line in the core with description "food & atm" - the
more accurate you can be in estimating this important item the closer your future
projections will be to reality - a powerful tool in the quest for accurate food/atm
estimates is a collaboration between lfy (last fiscal year) and mft (make food totals)
- ie.
    lfy | mft
a recent enhancement to lfy is cfm (current fiscal month) which makes use of cfm.awk
and perl/cfm

another tool that can be used to aid in estimating gas or electric bills is ept
(mnemonic examine previous transactions)

konsole five
konsole five gets to display the "head before equal" of my visa charges module
using hbev which makes use of sae.awk

konsole six
konsole six is for batteries - the display is with ba - scripts triggered by ba include

     b2 - main battery age tracking script
     hoirb - how old is raney's battery
     mb - mouse batteries
     tpr - raney's tire pressure check script
     tpk - road king tire pressure check script

with this system the batteries in the thermostat never die, and I never pick up a remote
or flashlight that has dead batteries - with these yearly replacements, I always have a
good supply of "used" batteries for my cordless mouse and every-day-carry flashlight

vim build konsole
cd7 (~/.build/vim) - here I start with dp, my "dangerous path" function defined in .bashrc
that adds $(pwd) to the beginning of $PATH, because all my vim build scripts are here -
next I may just do an hl and move on, or, if Bram's been posting patches in vim_dev
I will start an update/build process

the first script run by hl is hlsb, which runs both hlslt and hlsld, making use of ee
along the way - the purpose of all this is to run t, which at its core performs an
'hg incoming' against the vim repository - all the 'hls_' modules test "how long since"
the last empty 't' or the last data hit - I don't want to unduly stress the server,
especially when there's no cause to believe any patches have been uploaded, so my rule
is to not 't' any more often than once every 10 hours

there are three main scripts to update: u (to get), u2 (merge), and u3 (commit) - u2
makes use of cs to determine what to merge - these are all I need to update the vast
majority of the time - however there are times the stinking tags module throws a monkey
wrench into the works and u2 fails - for these rare occasions I trot out u3t which performs
a commit with a message about tags and how happy I am they are included, then I run
u2 with the result of cs2 as its argument, then the final u3

m makes vim, but if somehow configure got triggered I'll cancel it and run myconfig
so buildsize and compiledby get defined - it is finding GTK2 with no help from me

and sudo i installs

konsole ten

On my last konsole tab I perform cdb and dp, both defined in .bashrc, in preparation
of a mail window. Before I start the fetchmail daemon I check the two log files size
with hb - if they are running amok I use cfl and cpl as needed

It's only natural for fans of vim to be fans of mutt as their mail client of choice, and I
am no exception. Some of the scripts I use to support my email session follow:

      cr - "check received" is the mnemonic here
      crr - check received and touch lamda
      ccr - the workhorse that displays mail folders updated today, sorted on time
      ccr.awk - puts commas in the size field
      laflp - look at fetchmail log and predict the time of the next fetch


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Item - It is wrong, our system is just wrong, when our government makes it illegal to sell
cars that get over 78 miles per gallon - VW makes them here, but can't sell them here
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gas and don't want to lose the money

let's hope that logic doesn't stop the Elio from coming out

Item - if you want to read a well written but scary book, pick up a copy of "This Changes
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